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You got a pool table.
Yeah I figured pool was a good outlet to put this pent-up energy that I seem to now have.

Etiketli: damon porn

Kaynak: iansmolderholic

Etiketli: delenababies

Kaynak: willliamherondale

Etiketli: delenahis smile and her face

Kaynak: deelena

Damon 5x18 + Jealousy

Etiketli: damon + jealousy

Kaynak: elenasempathy

Etiketli: hahahadenzocarolenzodelenacarolena

Kaynak: spencerscaffeine

We’re real.

Etiketli: we are realalwaysdelena

Kaynak: indamonseyes

Etiketli: decuties

Kaynak: 1864damon

Etiketli: babiescant stop wont stopdelena

Kaynak: deelena

With soulmates, you get together and everything is perfect.

With a Twin Flame there is chaos: one can be attached, age difference, different locations, or the person has some serious issues and is afraid to open up to the energy because the bond is too intense.

Etiketli: holy fuckgreattI love it

Kaynak: swanatlast

"Oh you know, looking at the stars, listening to the Universe laugh at me"

Etiketli: delena

Kaynak: indamonseyes